Wrongful death: a few candid words and considerations

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Much can be inferred about a wrongful death outcome in Colorado or elsewhere just from its very words.

A wrongful death is a fatality that flatly wouldn’t have occurred without the intrusion of some tragic outside element.

And the catalyst that drives that element is third-party negligence.

Put another way: The wrongful loss of a human life would not have resulted absent the conduct of another party that failed to protect another against an unreasonable risk of harm.

At the Alamosa-based Vance & Larson Law Firm in south-central Colorado, our proven personal injury attorneys see the results of wrongful death occurrences with sad regularity. Moreover, and as our firm’s website notes, they “can arise as a result of many different types of accidents and negligence.”

We advocate with passion, diligence and on-point knowledge gleaned from decades of collective legal experience on behalf of family members in Colorado who have lost a loved one owing to the careless or reckless behavior of another individual or entity.

The results of that substandard conduct frequently take a fatal toll in many contexts, including motor vehicle accidents; on-the-job accidents and injuries; medical malpractice acts or omissions; and defective consumer products (including drugs and medical devices).

No reasonable person would suggest that a money-based legal remedy could ever fully compensate for the loss of a loved one.

In acknowledging that, though, it is important to note that surviving family members in a case involving wrongful death often derive great comfort and badly needed benefits by pursuing and ultimately collecting damages.

Among other things, of course, a meaningful legal recovery can replace lost wages and income that any family needs in daily life. Moreover, many families feel empowered rather than powerless following a loved one’s death when they can pursue justice and send a deterrent message that is clearly understood by the acknowledgment of a judge or jury that they are entitled to a legal remedy.

Our attorneys are deeply empathetic in wrongful death matters and take great professional pride in diligently applying our acumen and energies on behalf of clients who we know can derive great comfort and benefit from a just legal recovery.

We welcome readers’ contacts to our firm, as well as the chance to represent clients in a manner that truly promotes their best interests.