A stark reminder of animal-related crash risks on Colorado roads

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | livestock automobile accidents |

A media account from earlier this summer described it as a “terrifying accident.”

That will undoubtedly be an apt description in any motor vehicle mishap involving a moose.

Especially since those animals can stand seven feet high and weigh more than 1,600 pounds.

Although you obviously don’t want anything to do with that as a Colorado motorist, accidents involving moose and other animals — involving domestic livestock — do happen on state roadways, and sometimes with tragic results.

Fortunately, the one described in the above-cited media report caused no human damage. Moreover, it seems that the moose survived the incident, although that is not absolutely clear.

An internal link in that article actually shows the accident, which just happened to be caught on tape by a bystander on the shoulder of Colorado State Highway 9 near Silverthorne who was filming other animals.

Indeed, it is frightful, with an SUV striking a large moose as it was crossing the road, propelling it into an aerial cartwheel. The animal ultimately managed to stagger off.

The incident was dramatic in a literally outsized way, of course, given the sheer power and girth of the animal.

And, as noted, it was marked equally by an extremely fortunate outcome for the vehicle’s occupants.

Part and parcel of driving in Colorado is the onus placed upon motorists to always be vigilant regarding animal-posed risks.

Sometimes freakish and adverse roadway encounters just happen, without extraneous variables to influence them.

Conversely, and at other times, human factors — such as third-party negligence — play a central role in causing an accident, especially where livestock are concerned.

Such accidents are hardly daily occurrences, of course, but they happen more frequently than many people think. Questions regarding livestock auto accidents can be directed to a proven personal injury attorney who commands experience in that singular realm of law.