Focus: TBI-related serious injury and wrongful death matters

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No reasonable person in Colorado or elsewhere ever argued that monetary compensation was a fully restorative legal remedy in a wrongful death case.

Candidly, it’s not, and we all know that. Nonetheless, it is often the central component in what the law allows for to address third-party negligence that centrally contributes to the loss of a person’s life.

And, truthfully, a family taking proactive and purposeful action in the wake of a loved one’s wrongful death often finds that working with a seasoned, compassionate and empathetic attorney to address and meaningfully respond to material negligence is empowering across many fronts.

For starters, taking action can greatly reduce the sense of powerlessness that many families feel following a fatal accident or injury. Moreover, a damage recovery can be fundamentally important to the surviving family members of a lost loved one. Additionally, it can send a strong message of deterrence regarding the adverse consequences associated with careless behavior.

The catalysts in a wrongful death case can obviously be many. We have referenced a number of them on our website at the Alamosa-based Vance & Larson Law Firm, where we advocate diligently on behalf of personal injury victims and their families across south central Colorado.

One fundamental contributor to wrongful death is sometimes traumatic brain injury, which can occur in motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, as a result of unsafe residential and commercial buildings or from the substandard delivery of medical care (and obviously owe to many other causes, as well).

The attorneys at our firm work closely with individuals and families in TBI-related serious injury and wrongful death cases. We welcome readers’ inquiries to the firm, as well as the opportunity to provide diligent and duly sensitive representation to clients in their time of special need.