Construction realm poses myriad risks for injuries, wrongful death

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An initial point to note regarding personal injury wrongful death cases is that questionable third-party conduct — the driving factor and immediate catalyst that brings about a fatality — knows virtually no bounds when it comes to the scenarios under which it can occur.

That is, high numbers of Americans die daily solely because of the reckless, indifferent and sometimes wantonly callous behavior of other people in widely varied contexts.

To wit: A nursing home resident in Colorado or elsewhere might lose his or her life because of inadequate supervision, medication prescribing errors or malnutrition. Fatalities on Colorado roads are often directly attributable to drunk drivers. Failed diagnoses mask serious brain injuries that, if not timely attended to, can clam lives.

One work realm that merits special consideration when it comes to any discussion of wrongful death is the construction industry, which is rife with risks and challenges that routinely put workers into harm’s way.

Truly, the list is long that chronicles distinct work-related dangers that must be guarded against. It includes things like the following:

  • Falls
  • Machinery crush injuries
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Chemical and burn injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Contact with hazardous waste and other materials

It is a truism generally — and something that is crystal clear in the construction industry — that, absent third-party negligence, accidents and injuries almost never occur.

When they do, they understandably devastate the surviving family members of a loved one whose life was lost.

We have stated in our personal injury blog at Vance & Larson that no remedy can fully compensate for the wrongful death of a parent, child or other loved one.

It is worthwhile noting, though, that many families feel materially empowered by taking meaningful and proactive action pursuant to what the law does allow for, which is a monetary recovery against individuals and entities whose conduct contributed to the death of a family member.

Such a recovery can enhance peace of mind for its ability to ensure financial well-being in the future. And it can help promote closure through the proper identification and punishment of wrongdoers, as well as serve a deterrent effect in the future.

Our firm works compassionately and aggressively on behalf of families who need our help in personal injury and wrongful death matters. We welcome readers’ inquiries and the opportunity to provide diligent legal representation during a time of need.