Focus: Colorado and its transportation future

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More like many European locales that deemphasize motorized traffic in lieu of more money and infrastructure-related thought being expended on bike-friendly routes and pedestrians?

Or, alternatively, a concession that Colorado’s future is inextricably linked with cars and trucks and, given that reality, more of a probing and sustained focus on next-step technology to render vehicles safer and to truly promote a driverless option?

These and even additional ideas are currently competing for attention among Colorado residents and groups that spend a lot of time thinking about transportation in the state, especially as it relates to future realities that might emerge.

A recent media article spotlights and confirms that focus, noting that, “Transportation policy is a hot topic in Colorado right now.”

That article points to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s public emphasis on funding for transportation projects to better accommodate traffic and promote road safety. And it refers additionally to advocates of increased recognition for pedestrians and bikers, including one who says that a heavy motorized-traffic model employs “a transportation system from the 50s.”

Of course, it’s hard to get around the fact that Colorado is a big state, with many miles of relatively rural roadways. As a matter of logic and necessity, motorized traffic will always predominate, with the walker/biker focus being more properly limited to urban environs.

The bottom line in any debate focused upon transportation’s future in Colorado must always emphasize that the ultimate goal of planners and regulators is unwaveringly upon public safety.