Moose/car encounter: fatal for former, extensive damage to latter

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She stated in the aftermath of her accident that she was “freaked out a little.”

That was probably an understatement by a wide margin, given what the link to a picture detailing what a moose colliding with a passenger vehicle can do.

As can be clearly seen from the photo, the rippled steel and bent contours that span the entire length of Boulder County resident Alexandra Schwan’s SUV underscore in an instant just how adverse a motor vehicle-animal collision can be out on a Colorado roadway.

Obviously, Schwan was lucky, something she has undoubtedly reminded herself of periodically following her literal run-in with a huge animal on a Thursday evening last month.

The accident occurred near the small town of Nederland in the southwestern part of the state. It is far from being an anomalous occurrence when a driver sees a moose in that part of Colorado (and, indeed, in many other portions of the state, as well).

And, sometimes, not much — if anything — can be done to avoid such an accident, even for drivers who are motoring along with all requisite care. Moose are wild animals that often appear suddenly and unexpectedly on streets and highways. It is always a fortunate occurrence when a driver manages to avoid a collision or is relatively unscathed following one.

Candidly, though, it is an altogether different matter when domesticated animals that state laws mandate being safely confined behind fences, walls or other constructs manage to escape and find roadways. When that happens in Colorado (and, most assuredly, it does, with sad regularity), the injuries suffered by motorists and passengers are often centrally pegged to third-party negligence.

That is, someone responsible for looking after one or more animals failed to do so adequately and ended up being the direct catalyst of a livestock-related motor vehicle accident.

Absent a lack of required care, that just doesn’t happen.

When it does, an accident victim has a legal right to recover money damages. Doing so often goes far to pay for property damage, recoup medical expenses, help defray therapy/rehabilitation costs in more serious matters and, in some truly tragic instances, serve as a wrongful death remedy.

Individuals seeking information on any aspect of a vehicle crash involving livestock might reasonably want to contact a proven personal injury attorney without delay.