This time every year, a recurring theme: road work-zone safety

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | wrongful death |

If you detected a little extra splash of orange color out on the roadways in and around Alamosa or elsewhere in Colorado last Wednesday, the state’s Department of Transportation thanks you for your attention, viewing its job as half done.

Of course, there is that other half. What state safety officials sought to convey last week through a temporary infusion of strong color was (1) that you saw it, and (2) that it instilled in you an understanding of what it was linked with.

And that was this: a collectively heightened appreciation among Colorado motorists that the roadway construction season is now about to commence with magnitude and persist through the busiest traffic season of the year.

You will soon start seeing — if you haven’t already — road work crews busily engaged in new projects — small and big — on streets and highways spanning the state.

And, while doing so, CDOT and other state safety officials want you to keep a strong focus on the work environment you are driving through while they are toiling.

Because it’s comparatively dangerous. In fact, serious injuries and wrongful deaths in construction work zone areas occur each year across Colorado. And what is flatly tragic about them is that they are almost always avoidable when motorists simply pay due attention to what they are supposed to be unwaveringly focused upon.

That is driving, of course — not eating, drinking, texting, scanning radio stations, playing with the dog and so forth.

Such distractions yield catastrophic consequences on Colorado’s roads, and often. Seven people in the state died in roadway work zone locales just last year. Reportedly, about 700 motorists, construction workers and other individuals nationally lose their lives annually in work zone crashes.

Drivers need to take care across Colorado. Their lives — and those of others — depend upon their conscientious conduct behind the wheel.