Wrongful death and related costs: the Takata money trail continues

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | wrongful death |

It becomes progressively clearer as time passes that the unprecedented disaster and continuing fallout linked with faulty Takata air bags is, if anything, escalating.

It is hard for any personal injury legal blog with good-faith intentions of keeping its audience well informed on important and topical safety-related news to not check in at least periodically over the past couple years with a Takata-related tale, especially given the recurring regulatory updates that occur.

That centrally includes the Colorado law firm of Vance & Larson, of course. Indeed, we passed along important updates concerning the Takata air bag saga in a recent post, noting in our April 27 entry the “legitimate fears regarding the flatly dangerous products [that] have spurred the largest automotive safety recall ever announced in the U.S.”

Seemingly, the scope of the debacle is ever-increasing, with recent news accounts now weighing in with reports that many millions of American motorists with Takata bags installed in their vehicles have yet to effect repairs.

Given the starkly adverse results that have followed from bags summarily exploding in some instances, that failure to get vehicles into repair shops spells a major concern nationally, including in Colorado. Bag explosions have reportedly resulted in at least 16 wrongful deaths and scores of serious injuries.

Takata is on the hook for a stated $1 billion in penalties related to its knowing concealment of bag-related problems.

And the fallout for car companies continues, as evidenced by the released details of a recently proposed settlement involving manufacturers Toyota, Mazda, BMW and Subaru.

Pending court approval, those companies will pay select consumers more than $550 million to compensate them for repair costs and related exactions. Additionally, the automakers have agreed to expand their efforts in notifying owners of the dire need to get their vehicles promptly repaired.