Livestock/car crashes: a singular and sometimes deadly realm

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A cow. A bull. A horse.

People in Colorado and, seemingly, just about everywhere else love animal-related stories.


Sometimes, though, and when creatures are of a larger variety and have unquestionably strayed from their proper environment, there is not much to savor regarding the details of an animal-themed tale.

Some Coloradans know that from personal experience, after vehicles they were driving on state roadways collided with large animals. The result of such an encounter is often serious personal injuries suffered by drivers and their passengers. And, tragically, family members can painfully attest that a collision with something as large as a horse or cow can result in the wrongful death of a loved one.

Colorado is, of course, not alone as a venue where animal/livestock collisions cause serious injuries and death. A report from a San Francisco-area publication, for example, notes multiple occasions recently on which large domesticated animals running free of the enclosed surroundings they were supposed to be confined within collided with vehicles on highways in Northern California.

Luckily, no one died in those incidents, although several people were hospitalized following one accident (a six-vehicle crash involving a bull).

A central point regarding such crashes, in addition to their potential to yield deadly consequences, is the human negligence that is clearly at work. As we note on the livestock/vehicle accident page of our website at the Colorado personal injury firm of Vance & Larson, “owners of animals and livestock have a legal responsibility to keep the animals enclosed and off of roadways and other unsafe areas.”

Accidents and resulting harms simply do not occur when that duty is complied with.

When it is breached, an injured victim and his or her family might be able to secure a meaningful legal remedy that spotlights accountability, helps to deter similar incidents in the future, and brings needed monetary relief.

A proven plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney can answer questions and provide additionally relevant information.