Motorcyclists: an especially vulnerable population

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2017 | wrongful death |

Of course, motorcyclists in Colorado and nationally have rights while behind the wheel.

In fact, they are legally accorded the same protections and prerogatives as are drivers of larger passenger vehicles and outsized commercial rigs.

Notwithstanding the safeguards they are legally entitled to, though, no reasonable person is under the illusion that bikers are as well protected as other motorists when trying to safely negotiate state and federal roadways.

The statistics don’t lie.

What they sadly reveal instead is that bikers far too often become victimized by other drivers’ behind-the-wheel negligence. Motorcyclists are frequently denied adequate lane space. They are tailgated, cut off and, as other drivers often allege, simply not seen.

Coupled with such vulnerability is the obvious and tragic fact that motorcyclists and their passengers who become crash victims owing to the careless or wanton driving behaviors of others frequently suffer catastrophic — and, often, deadly — injuries.

As we note on our victims’ personal injury defense website at the Alamosa law firm of Vance & Larson, “motorcycle accident victims often experience the most severe types of injuries as compared to victims of other motor vehicle accidents.”

And those injuries are truly wide-ranging, encompassing brain trauma, burns and scarring, back and neck pain, spinal cord injuries and more.

A money recovery alone can never fully compensate an accident victim and his or her family, of course, but the damage remedies made available under law can go far toward helping affected individuals and their loved ones defray crash-related costs and other expenses.

Our attorneys work hard on behalf of injured clients, seeking maximum compensation to help them with medical costs, rehabilitation and therapy, lost wages, bike repair costs and more.

Many crash victims and their families feel empowered in the wake of an accident by taking purposeful action that spotlights wrongdoing, yields a personal recovery and has a deterrent effect on future third-party negligence.

Proven personal injury attorneys actively help them promote all those salutary objectives.