Car crash-related brain injuries can cause permanent disability

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Getting into a serious car crash is a terrifying experience. The loss of control and potential for a fatality can change an individual’s perspective. Every day, people end up sustaining severe injuries, like spinal cord injuries, or even dying as a result of a collision. Many people are ecstatic just to be able to walk away from a wreck with minimal injuries.

Unfortunately, many people who seem uninjured can actually end up severely hurt by a car crash. Brain injuries, which are relatively common injuries, can take days or even weeks to fully manifest symptoms. Those symptoms could end up limiting the victim’s ability to work or even provide daily self care.

Untreated brain injuries can get worse over time

Your skull surrounds your brain to protect it. Tragically, it is so good at its function that it can also cause issues for those with brain injuries. When a brain is bruised, bleeding or swollen, there is nowhere for excess blood or tissue to go. Pressure inside the skull builds up as time passes after an injury, which can result in worsening symptoms and brain damage.

Medical professionals can alleviate the swelling, but only if the injured party seeks medical care. The longer the delay between the injury and the treatment, the greater the potential for serious damage. Delaying treatment and diagnosis can also cause issues from an insurance standpoint.

Anyone who gets shaken or hits one’s head in a crash needs help

As a general rule, anyone who experience violent shaking or any kind of blow to the head during a crash needs medical attention. Both shaking and blunt trauma can cause a serious traumatic brain injury. Getting checked by a doctor as soon as possible can stave off worsening symptoms over time. It can also make it easier to obtain adequate insurance coverage for the injury.

Anyone who blacks out in an accident should also seek a thorough medical examination. That blackout could be the result of a blow to the head. Even if unconsciousness only lasted for a second or two, the potential for a concussion or similar brain injury is real.

Brain injuries can completely change a person’s life

The brain controls everything about you, from your attitude and personality to your memories and physical abilities. Depending on the location and severity of the brain injury, all kinds of permanent consequences can result.

Some people have short-term memory loss or impaired ability to form new memories. Other people may experience changes in their moods or personality. Some people with brain injuries struggle with fine or gross motor control as a result. All of these issues could leave someone unable to continue his or her career. In some cases, ongoing medical care and even daily nursing support may be necessary.