Study: brain injuries a big problem for motorcycle passengers

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | wrongful death |

Few people across Colorado need to be told that riding a motorcycle can be a risky activity. Unfortunately, much of that risk often owes to the negligent driving of motorists in passenger vehicles who don’t give enough attention or respect to motorcyclists.

We routinely work with knowledge and diligence on behalf of accident victims at the Alamosa-based personal injury law firm of Vance & Larson.

And in doing so, we note that the risk of dying on the road is far higher for a motorcyclist than it is for a driver in a passenger car. Safety researchers and regulators are understandably deeply concerned with that reality, as are our attorneys every time we fight for the rights of Colorado crash victims and their families.

Work recently done at one national medical school provides some new information relevant to motorcycle accidents that might be interesting to some of our readers.

What researchers found was that bike passengers wear helmets far less often than do motorcycle drivers. And that makes them more likely to suffer from crash-related traumatic brain injuries.

Head injuries are of course a major concern with motorcycle crashes, with the university research concluding that they are a truly big concern for bike passengers. Study authors say that passengers have “a significantly higher rate of injury and lower helmet use compliancy.”

In Colorado, only riders under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets.

The aforementioned study might encourage more people to do so, though, especially passengers.