Wrongful death claims may result from Colorado crash

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | wrongful death |

Deadly accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, these incidents can claim the lives of individuals of any age, and families are often left to deal with numerous hardships in the aftermath. If a death occurs during a car accident due to the negligence of a driver, surviving family members may have legal options for filing wrongful death claims that they may wish to consider.

It was recently reported that a fatal incident took place in Colorado. According to reports, the event involved only one vehicle, which was carrying at least five occupants. The vehicle was apparently traveling on Interstate 70, and the road was described as icy. However, it was unclear whether road conditions played a direct role in the accident. Details on how the crash occurred were few, but it was mentioned that the vehicle rolled over.

Of the five people apparently involved in the accident, two suffered fatal injuries. The three other parties were transported to area hospitals. Their injuries and conditions were not known at the time of the report. It was also unclear whether the driver of the vehicle survived the incident, which was still under investigation.

If the driver of the vehicle did survive the crash, the families of the deceased victims may have reason to file wrongful death claims while the surviving injured parties may have the ability to file personal injury claims of their own against the driver. In the event that he or she died in the accident, claims could still potentially be filed against his or her estate. Information on taking such action in Colorado may help interested parties determine whether this route could suit their circumstances.

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