Wrongful death claims may stem from Colorado wrong-way crash

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | wrongful death |

Fatalities, serious injuries, property damage and other outcomes are common from serious crashes. Unfortunately, car accidents have a tendency to occur often and can affect many people in a single collision. Surviving family members of individuals killed in crashes often have many hardships to face, and due to these struggles, they may have cause to file wrongful death claims.

Such claims could potentially stem from a recent accident that occurred in Colorado. Reports stated that an SUV was traveling southbound into northbound traffic when the crash took place. The SUV struck two other vehicles, and a total of six individuals were involved in the incident. The driver of the SUV was reported as being a 24-year-old woman. Police noted that alcohol was likely a factor in the accident.

The crash resulted in two individuals in one of the northbound vehicles suffering fatal injuries. Three other people were reported as having suffered serious injuries in the incident, including the driver of the SUV. The sixth individual involved was apparently uninjured. The SUV driver is currently facing charges for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Additional information on the incident may become available at a later time.

The family members of the two individuals killed in this Colorado accident may find themselves contemplating legal action and wondering whether wrongful death claims may be warranted. Additionally, the two seriously injured parties may also have reason to file personal injury claims of their own. Information on these legal options may help them determine whether taking such steps could help them seek compensation, justice and at least some sense of closure.

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