Unsecured transport items cause serious injuries and fatalities

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Have you ever driven on the freeway behind a vehicle carrying a heavy load of items? It could be a long ladder that doesn’t appear securely tied up. Perhaps it is a long bed truck carrying many large steel pipes. Do you ever fear such items will get loose and hurl towards your windshield? It is a scary thought, especially since roadway debris is the reason many crashes occur. In fact, according to a study done by AAA Foundation, over 200,000 traffic accidents stem from unsecured transport loads.

As a driver, you may only have a split second to make a pivotal decision. Accidents of this nature may cause a sharp swerve or a screeching halt of the brakes. Attempting to avoid the impact of falling debris may also result in a multi-car highway accident.

Roadway debris accidents

Dangerous roadway debris poses a threat to drivers for many reasons. It could be from tire tread falling off, broken tow hitches, furniture not properly tied down and more. Unfortunately, all drivers are at risk whenever an item in transport gets loose on the road. However, being aware of what studies show can help you drive more conscious of potential hazards.

AAA Foundation studies show that roadway debris accidents:

•· Are common between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

•· Occur mostly on interstate highways

•· Account for approximately 37 percent of traffic-related deaths

Drivers must use caution and defensive driving tactics to avoid injury as much as possible. This means keeping a wider distance with vehicles carrying overhead loads. It also means safely changing lanes when you feel uneasy about the vehicle ahead.

Assigning legal fault

Traffic accidents prompt the need to assign fault in order to secure a resolution for damages, injuries and wrongful deaths. It is important these matters have proper legal backing along with evidence and witness statements on-hand for potential court procedures.

Serious accidents from roadway debris may occur within seconds. However, the lives involved in such incidents may have months and years of recovery ahead. Remember, there is help and hope for legal restitution.