Colorado woman killed in fatal car accident

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The death of a loved one can be the starting point of many struggles in the lives of surviving family. Emotional turmoil can begin instantly, and financial difficulties may also arise due to funeral expenses, loss of income and other related issues. Dealing with these problems can seem overwhelming, and in order to address the results of a fatal car accident, surviving families may file wrongful death claims.

One family in Colorado may consider this legal option after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved two vehicles and occurred around 8:45 a.m. on a recent Wednesday. Apparently, a 19-year-old woman was driving a vehicle south when she failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, her vehicle traveled into the intersection and collided with another vehicle that was making a left turn.

The crash caused the driver of the turning vehicle to suffer fatal injuries. She was reported as being 25 years old. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to an area hospital and later released. At the time of the report, she had been charged with careless driving causing death and running a stop sign. Neither speed nor impairment was a factor in the crash.

The family of the young woman killed in this Colorado crash may have to determine what courses of action they feel comfortable pursuing in the aftermath of the fatal car accident. If they believe that taking legal action against the driver considered at fault or other liable parties may be in their best interests, they may find information on wrongful death claims useful. A successful claim could allow them to obtain compensation for allowable damages.

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