Fatal crash results in death of Colorado man

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | wrongful death |

Traffic signs and signals are often put in places to help traffic move more smoothly. They can also help make troublesome areas, like intersections, safer for motorists to get through. However, if a driver does not adhere to these signs and signals, a fatal crash could easily take place.

It was recently reported that this type of accident occurred in Colorado. The incident involved an SUV and a pickup truck. The teenager driving the SUV reportedly failed to stop at a flashing red light, which resulted in his vehicle colliding with the pickup truck. The incident caused the truck driver to be partially thrown from the vehicle. The drivers were apparently the only occupants of either vehicle, and their ages were given as 18 and 49 years old.

Both drivers were taken from the scene in order to be treated for injuries. However, the older pickup truck driver died due to the injuries he suffered, despite an attempt for emergency surgery. The teen driver was reported as being in stable condition. At the time of the report, the incident was still under investigation, and charges had not yet been filed.

The family of the man killed in this Colorado fatal crash may hope that the driver considered at fault faces justice. However, they may also want to take legal action of their own in order to seek compensation for damages they experience as a result of the incident. Funeral expenses, medical bills and other monetary damages could easily affect them, and it may help them to gain information on wrongful death claims and against whom such a claim could be filed in their particular case.

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