These three things could be factors in fatal crash

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It’s the phone call that no parent or relative ever wants to get. Late at night, a police officer is on the line and there is a tragedy to report.

Unfortunately, fatal road crashes have been rising in Colorado. State Patrol and state transportation authorities say it’s due to three commonly-made poor decisions: driving while impaired, driving while distracted or not wearing a seatbelt.

One of our state’s latest such incidents occurred in late May.

Fatal crash

Recently, in a central county of Colorado two pickups were traveling down the same road in opposite directions. A northbound Dodge motoring in one direction and making a move across the oncoming lane. Meanwhile, a GMC was heading southbound and coming over a rise.

Seatbelts are key

The GMC’s male driver was not protected by a restraint and flew from the tumbling truck. The pickup spun off the road, went through a fence and rolled. Police announced the male deceased at the location.

Two other people involved in the crash were wearing seatbelts and survived. The 26-year-old passenger in the GMC received serious injuries, while the Dodge’s driver escaped with minor ailments.

Impaired driving and the vehicle velocity were additional considerations in the State Patrol’s investigation of the crash.

Ongoing effects

Such an incident is deeply distressing for the families involved. There are avenues for potential legal action in such crashes, but often the damage has already been done in the seconds after impact. No amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one. Legal action can only bring a tiny piece of mind to a grieving family.

Legal action

An attorney can offer a helping hand to investigate auto incidents. They use external experts to uncover the whole truth. Medical consultants are often used to evaluate injuries and provide a prognosis on long-term effects. Finally, a lawyer can use this information to get the compensation you deserve for your losses whether that be medical costs, loss of wages and/or general pain and suffering.