Colorado Man Demonstrates the Dangers of Fleeing an Accident

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Every Colorado citizen should know by now the procedures of what to do after an accident. The state requires both parties to pull over to the side and sort the crash details out with each other and potentially the police. Unfortunately, a number of drivers try to escape potential penalties by choosing to continue driving, committing a hit-and-run in the process.

Aside from being irresponsible, hit-and-runs are also dangerous for the driver speeding away. Their attempt to escape from trouble could land them into an even worse scenario. A recent fatality in Colorado Springs serves as a reminder for the risks these drivers could face.

Two crashes within minutes

On the morning of August 13, a 71-year-old man with a dog hit another car within Circle Driver at Interstate 25. Despite there being minor damages and the other driver receiving no injuries, the man attempted to flee the scene and take the exit ramp to Hancock Expressway.

During the escape, the man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a light pole before his car crossed the entrance ramp into a drainage ditch. When the police arrived, they found the man dead and took his dog to the humane society to recover from injuries.

More risks and less rewards

Drivers who flee the scene after a crash put themselves in more danger than they realize. Losing control over their vehicle like the man in this accident can be common for hit-and-runners. Not only will a driver likely be disoriented after the impact, but their car may not function properly depending on the damages they receive from the incident. These drivers also try to go away as fast as they can, and combining this lack of control with high speeds can be deadly.

Even if they manage to evade capture after the scene, the police can still investigate the incident and find evidence to convict them later on. If you are the victim of a hit-and-run crash, you can pursue legal action against the negligent driver to receive coverage for any harm received.