Colorado road rage fatalities on the rise

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | auto accidents |

Many drivers feel angry when someone cuts them off abruptly or when someone is driving too close behind them. However, being angry is one thing and acting on that anger is another. According to an article published by The Denver Post, the state of Colorado has been ranked number two in the nation for deaths involving road rage and aggressive driving. This statistic is derived from the Fatal Analysis Reporting System, which is a federal database that tracks fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents annually.

Colorado reported 53 deaths in 2016 from these types of incidents, an 11% increase from 2015. The months of July and September proved to be the worst regarding fatalities, with the single worst day of the week being Sunday. The only state to top these findings was Indiana, with a reported 77 fatalities caused by road rage.

Road rage can be defined as uncontrollable anger by the operator of a motor vehicle, most often expressed in violent, reckless, and even fatal outbursts. Incidents of this kind are regularly reported across the country, involving actions as violent as running over a bicyclist, or shooting another driver. In larger cities where traffic jams can be intense and long, drivers tend to experience road rage more frequently.

Victims, or families of victims in the case of a fatality, of road rage accidents may want to immediately consult with an experienced auto accident attorney. It is of utmost importance that any and all evidence of the incident be quickly preserved, including cell phone videos and bystander witness accounts. The more time that passes between an accident and the filing of a lawsuit, the more difficult it can become to locate witnesses and obtain statements that could make or break a case.