We help people in Alamosa seek justice after a car crash

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Auto accidents are a leading cause of death in America, and they can wreak devastation on Alamosa families. The injury or loss of a loved one – a parent, a child, a spouse – can be terrible. Hospital bills can add up quickly, and lost wages can make it that much harder to keep one’s head above water. Motor vehicles can be very dangerous things, and our legal system recognizes that drivers must exercise caution while driving to prevent injurious and deadly accidents.

The devastating effect of auto accidents is vividly illustrated by a deadly crash we told you about some weeks ago. At least one person was killed in a chain-reaction accident that also resulted in seven people suffering injuries.

When drivers fail to exercise caution while driving, they may be liable for any ensuing damages suffered by other parties. A failure could consist of driving too fast for the prevailing conditions, it could consist of distracted driving when the driver’s attention is distracted by technology or intense conversation, or it could be something else.

A personal injury attorney can be very helpful for those seeking justice after a car crash. The attorneys at the Vance & Larson Law Firm are committed to assisting clients with the legal aspects of auto accidents. Our focus is on holding the negligent party responsible and securing adequate compensation for our clients.

Auto accident litigation can require extensive investigation, as witnesses can have dramatically differing versions of events. We use investigators to establish what happened for purposes of providing evidence to courts and to opposing parties. We also use medical experts to gauge the injuries suffered by victims.

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