Wildlife to look out for in the fall

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As you can tell from this blog, Colorado is a state that has an excess of car accidents involving wildlife. Whether they come from a nearby farm or forest, numerous animals walk on the roads at the wrong time, leaving hundreds of residents with damaged vehicles and possible injuries.

Autumn marks the beginning of an increase in animal crossings throughout the nation, and the Centennial State is no different. As the sunlight decreases, more drivers are in danger of hitting an animal during the morning or evening commute. It is important to be aware of the different wildlife that could roam on rural roadways and how to properly deal with them.

Deer and elk

Deer and elk make up the largest portion of animal crashes in Colorado every year. Fall time is mating season for both species, so they are bound to pop up much more frequently around this time of year. In 2016, there were over 4,600 reported deer crashes on the state highways. While Colorado has implemented more wildlife passageways away from the streets to avoid more driver interaction, do not believe there will be a lack of glowing eyes near the road. Keep an eye out for deer or elk crossing signs, approach the road at a reasonable speed, look on the shoulder for any movement and avoid swerving if one of them gets in your path.


According to wildlife experts, coyote pups are learning how to hunt around autumn. Coyotes do not have nearly as many crossing signs on the streets as deer and elk do, so they can be unexpected on the road and in your neighborhood. Even though they are not as large or physically damaging as deer or elk, they can still throw drivers off by their presence and lead them to crash into each other. If you hit one or get your vehicle close to one, it is best that you stay in the car to avoid potential retaliation.


Moose are large and majestic creatures that are present in very few parts of the nation. With Colorado having a more fitting, mountainous environment for the species, we have more than enough in our territory. Like with the previously mentioned animals, approach roads carefully that have moose crossing signs and try to stay in the vehicle if you see one. Moose can be deadly for both you and your car, so try to take necessary precaution towards passing the animal without trying to endanger other drivers.

Unfortunately, the seasonal changes can still be difficult for some to adjust to. A personal injury attorney can aid in dealing with an accident from a person who struck you while avoiding an animal or filing your claims for a deer crash.