Drunk driver causes fatal injuries in Colorado crash

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | wrongful death |

Drunk drivers pose a major threat to themselves and other people on the road. Unfortunately, it is often innocent victims and their families who end up suffering the most after a crash involving a drunk driver. Often, fatal injuries result from these incidents, and surviving loved ones must contend with their grief.

It was recently reported that alcohol was a suspected factor in a Colorado crash that resulted in one death. Apparently, a person was driving a vehicle south in the northbound lanes of a roadway. As a result, the wrong-way vehicle crashed into a vehicle traveling north. There were at least two people in the northbound vehicle, and the passenger was thrown from the car during the collision.

The person ejected from the vehicle suffered fatal injuries as a result and was declared dead at the accident site. The victim’s age and name were not given in the report. It was not mentioned whether any other injuries resulted from the crash. Authorities did take the wrong-way driver into custody on charges of DUI, and it was noted that additional charges will likely result from the fatal event.

It is unfortunate that fatal injuries often stem from this type of crash. The family of the person killed in this Colorado accident will certainly be facing a substantial amount of emotional turmoil in the weeks to come. As they work to process their grief, they may also consider seeking justice against the driver considered at fault. Filing a wrongful death claim could allow them to pursue compensation for their loss and documented monetary damages resulting from the accident.