The many financial consequences of a car crash spinal cord injury

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Any car crash that results in an injury can have a devastating impact on your life. When the injury affects either your brain or your spinal cord, the consequences can be farther reaching than you can even imagine. Your brain controls everything you do, making brain injuries some of the most debilitating and worrisome.

Spinal cord injuries are incredibly difficult to recover from physically. After all, your spinal cord is the conduit by which your brain communicates with the rest of your body.

When you suffer an injury to your spinal cord, it can impact everything from your ability to retain a job to living independently without nursing care. Familiarizing yourself with the financial consequences of a spinal cord injury can help you determine how to proceed after suffering one related to a collision.

Medical costs and lost wages are the most obvious issues

Depending on the kind of spinal cord injury you sustain and its location, you may require physical therapy, surgery or other intensive medical services. Incomplete spinal cord injuries, which involve the pinching, tearing or partial severing of the spinal cord, may require surgery for healing. The patient may also need physical therapy for a long time as the spinal cord heals to retain strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Those with complete spinal cord injuries, which is where the spinal cord is fully severed, will also require ongoing medical care. Rehabilitative services can help people learn to care for themselves and move around in the wake of a spinal cord injury. Physical therapy can also help minimize atrophy and physical discomfort related to the consequences of a spinal injury.

Typically, people will miss many weeks or months of work after a spinal cord injury. If someone previously worked in a physical career, such as manufacturing, the injury may permanently preclude that person from working. This is particularly true if the spinal cord injury affects not just the lower extremities, but also the arms.

Other expenses people will have to consider will include the cost to make a house more accessible, make vehicles wheelchair-accessible, and the cost of in-house nursing care or medical machinery as needed.

Civil lawsuits can help you collect on some of your financial losses

The cost of medical care, lost wages and changes to your life related to a spinal cord injury can prove staggering. Thankfully, the law in Colorado allows you to hold a driver accountable if negligence or bad driving practices cause a crash that injures you.

You can seek any provable financial losses, including lost wages, from the other driver. If you or someone you love suffered an injury to the spinal cord as a result of a crash caused by someone else, it may be time to consider your right to take legal action against the driver responsible.