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On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | wrongful death |

Recently on the blog we discussed a fatal accident that left two Colorado teens dead. Sadly, traffic fatalities continue to strip far too many people away from their loved ones. While some of these fatal car accidents are determined to truly be accidental in nature, a significant number of them are caused by the negligence of others. Motorists who are drunk, tired, high or distracted can have diminished driving abilities that puts others at risk.

Family members who lose loved ones to car accidents caused by these negligent drivers can struggle to find a way forward. The emotional loss inflicted upon them is nothing short of overwhelming. They can lose the companionship and emotional support of their loved one, and the mere thought of never being able to hear their loved one laugh again is enough to leave a surviving family member utterly devastated. As if that isn’t enough, a fatal car crash can also leave a family struggling financially. Funeral costs, medical expenses and lost wages can all play a role in the surviving family’s sudden financial instability.

Although nothing can bring a lost loved one back, taking legal action against the person responsible for their loss does have its purpose. To start, it can help a surviving family find accountability and a sense of closure. Also, a successful wrongful death lawsuit can result in the recovery of compensation to help offset the losses suffered by a surviving family.

These legal cases can be challenging to win, which is why skilled attorneys like those at the Vance & Larson Law Firm stand ready to help Colorado families fight for what they deserve. We aggressively seek the evidence we need to present the best case possible for our clients. We recognize that taking legal action after the loss of a loved one is difficult, which is why we do the heavy lifting, offering our clients the holistic and dedicated legal advocacy they deserve.