Family may explore wrongful death claim after fatal I-25 crash

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2019 | wrongful death |

When families lose loved ones in sudden accidents, especially accidents caused by others, they often want to seek justice and restitution. In many cases, if another driver is considered at fault for a fatal car accident, the family of the victim has reason to file a wrongful death claim in order to pursue the outcomes they desire. This type of claim may be filed in Colorado after a recent crash.

It was recently reported that a multi-car accident on Interstate 25 resulted in the death of one person. The accident occurred when a car collided with the rear of an SUV. The SUV was traveling south, and the collision caused the SUV to cross the dividing median and enter the northbound lanes of travel. The SUV then hit a sedan that was heading north.

The incident resulted in the 33-year-old SUV driver being thrown from the vehicle, and he suffered fatal injuries as a result. The driver of the northbound sedan was also injured, but those injuries were considered minor. It was not mentioned whether the driver of the first car suffered any injuries. The report did state that charges were pending.

The family of the person killed in this Colorado accident may soon be looking into their legal options for seeking compensation for resulting damages. The loss of a loved one, funeral expenses, final medical bills and other hardships can all take a major toll on surviving loved ones. Filing a wrongful death claim may allow them to pursue monetary recompense for damages.