Your family may need help with a crash-related brain injury

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The injuries someone suffers in a car accident can cause them pain or even affect their career. For some unfortunate individuals, the consequences of a motor vehicle collision can persist for a lifetime. Spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious injuries possible that people commonly worry about after a crash.

Fewer people seem as preoccupied with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), despite the fact that a brain injury can result from a collision. A brain injury could impact everything from your cognitive function and balance to your motor ability.

Even minor brain injuries could affect whether or not you can retain a job. More severe brain injuries may result in the need for medical machinery or around-the-clock nursing care.

Most families can’t afford home nursing

The modern American economy is one that requires all adults to work. Fewer families can afford to have a spouse stay home full-time. When one spouse winds up with a brain injury, that can be financially devastating because of the overall reduction of the household income.

Losing out on one stream of income because of a TBI is bad, but the impact doesn’t end there for many families. If the other spouse needs to stay home to provide care, the family may have no viable source of income. Of course, providing care yourself is often vastly more affordable than hiring in-home skilled nursing care.

From machinery to mobility, there are many needs presented by those with moderate to severe brain injuries that can prove expensive. TBIs also often require hospitalization and surgery, which can add to the financial costs the family has to worry about paying.

Your family has rights after an accident that causes a brain injury

Unlike broken bones or even some kinds of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries generally do not improve over time. Your family will likely need to deal with the consequences of a brain injury for the rest of your lives.

The good news is that the law in Colorado understands the impact that crashes can have on a family. In addition to seeking compensation through insurance, you may also have the right to file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the collision that caused the TBI.

Seeking compensation can help your family afford the best medical care. It can also offset the wages that you lose out on as a result of one party being injured or another wage earner needing to stay home to provide care. Each personal injury case is unique, which means that people should always learn about their legal rights before making decisions that can impact their future right to compensation, such as accepting an insurance settlement.