Wrongful death: Speeding, impairment factors in fatal crash

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | wrongful death |

Traffic violations can easily lead to serious car accidents. A driver may not think much of traveling over the speed limit or even consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel, but in reality, these actions could result in someone losing his or her life. In addition to trying to handle the loss, the victim’s family may have many decisions to make, such as whether to pursue a wrongful death claim.

One family in Colorado may be exploring this legal option after a recent fatal crash. Apparently, a man was driving a vehicle when he tried to make a left turn. However, an oncoming vehicle was traveling over the speed limit and collided with the man’s turning vehicle. It was noted that the speed limit in the area was 30 mph, but it was not mentioned at what speed the oncoming vehicle was moving.

The incident resulted in the 41-year-old man suffering fatal injuries. The driver of the oncoming car — a 30-year-old woman — was suspected of being intoxicated at the time of the incident. As a result, she is now facing criminal allegations of DUI and vehicular homicide.

The family of the man was undoubtedly devastated to learn the news of his sudden passing. They may also feel distraught over the fact that impairment and speeding contributed to this fatality, which could have been preventable. As they work through the many struggles this event will certainly cause, they may also want to consider their legal options for seeking justice and compensation. Filing a wrongful death claim in Colorado may interest them if they feel taking such a route could fit their circumstances.