Study finds work communications contribute to distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | auto accidents |

It seems like it is becoming more difficult to leave work at the office. While many of us in Alamosa simply want to do the best work we can, which often requires work outside of the office, others are required to be available “after hours.” In our digital world much of this work is conducted online. As such, many individuals find themselves checking and answering emails and texts after they have left the office, including while they are driving. This can prove dangerous to all motorists on the road.

One survey took a look at this issue and found some startling statistics. Amongst young workers, identified as those between the ages of 18 and 34, 37% of respondents indicated that they felt pressured to respond to work communications while driving. The average number amongst all age groups is 25 percent, which is still quite high.

These statistics are troubling for several reasons, but perhaps chief amongst them is the fact that distracted driving kills more than 3,000 people per year and leaves thousands of others injured. So, those who check work-related emails and text messages while driving increase the risk of leaving another individual with brain and spinal cord damage, permanent disability or death. The ripple effects of these auto accidents can be devastating for victims and their families.

Although employers carry some responsibility with regard to this problem, the truth of the matter is that individual drivers need to take the proper precautions to ensure that they are not distracted while behind the wheel. This may mean turning their phones off or simply choosing not to respond until they are no longer driving. Sadly, though, many individuals will continue to conduct work while driving, and innocent motorists will suffer as a result. For those who are harmed by the negligence of another, legal assistance may be available to help them seek the compensation they need and deserve.