Wrongful death claims may result from fatal Colorado pileup

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | wrongful death |

When a crash takes place that involves multiple vehicles, including tractor-trailers, serious or fatal injuries are often expected. Unfortunately, numerous people could become caught up in such an incident, and multiple families may be left to deal with the harrowing aftermath of a tractor-trailer crash. For some, pursuing wrongful death claims against those considered responsible may be a viable option.

Such legal claims may be filed after a recent crash in Colorado. According to reports, traffic was backed up on Interstate 70 due to rush hour and another accident that had occurred earlier. A semi-truck carrying lumber was apparently unable to stop before crashing into the lines of traffic. The incident resulted in 28 vehicles being involved, four of which were tractor-trailers.

The driver of the truck claimed that his brakes failed, making him unable to stop before crashing into traffic. The report indicated that it did not appear that drugs or alcohol were factors in the incident. Because the crash resulted in at least four deaths and multiple others being injured, the semi driver was taken into custody and is facing charges for vehicular homicide.

The families of the individuals killed in this Colorado crash are undoubtedly overwhelmed. They likely never expected to receive such devastating news, and now, they must find ways to handle the resulting hardships. If they believe it could suit their situations, the families may want to explore their legal options for filing wrongful death claims. Such claims could allow them to pursue compensation for allowable damages from the driver considered at fault, the company for which he worked and other parties considered culpable.