Family may gain wrongful death info after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | wrongful death |

Though the aftermath of a fatal accident is difficult to handle, surviving loved ones may benefit from gaining information. In many cases, crashes resulting in fatalities can warrant wrongful death claims against the drivers considered at fault. Surviving family members may be able to file such claims in efforts to obtain compensation for allowable damages, and a better understanding of this possible legal option could prove useful.

One family in Colorado may be exploring this option after a recent crash. According to reports, an SUV was traveling south when the driver attempted to make a left turn. However, the turn was unsuccessful, as the SUV crashed into a northbound sedan. Each vehicle was carrying a driver and no passengers.

The incident resulted in both drivers being transported to an area hospital. One of the drivers suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead. She was reported as being 29 years old. It was not disclosed whether she was driving the SUV or the sedan involved in the crash. The incident is likely still under investigation, and more information about the crash may become available at a later time.

If the woman was driving the sedan, the surviving driver will likely be considered at fault for the accident. If so, the family of the deceased victim may have reason to move forward with a wrongful death claim. Of course, these cases can prove complicated, so it may be wise for them to gain reliable and applicable information about this option from local Colorado legal resources. Having a better understanding of the claim could help them determine whether it suits their circumstances.