What types of damages are recoverable after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | auto accidents |

An auto accident can leave you in terrible shape. Sure, your car may have been damaged, but you’ve probably also suffered some sort of physical injury. If severe enough, these injuries may have required medical treatment and forced you out of work for some time. As a result, your physical, emotional, and financial health may be less than desirable, leaving you wondering what you can do to not only recover compensation for your damages, but also to get even with the individual who caused your injuries in the first place.

Usually the best way to achieve both goals is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. If successful in establishing the elements of negligence, then you might be awarded compensation. With the proper showing, you might be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses, which can include ambulance fees, surgical and medication costs, doctor consultation fees, and expenses related to necessary medical accessories and in-home services.

Lost wages are also recoverable through a personal injury lawsuit. Here, a successful claimant may be able to recover pay that was lost due to one’s recover as well as loss of future earning capacity. These latter damages are especially applicable in situations where your injuries have a direct effect on your ability to perform you current or expected job. In calculating lost wages, a jury or a judge considers a number of factor such as your age, education, profession, and experience.

Your car accident injuries may have also left you with pain and suffering. This, too, may be compensable through a personal injury claim. Of course, showing emotional damage, anxiety, and stress can be challenging, which is why arguments pertaining to these types of damages have to be carefully crafted.

These are the three biggest types of damages available to those who have been harmed by a negligent party, but they are not the only recoverable damages. And proving each type of damage can be challenging when facing aggressive defense attorneys. This is why it is often best to obtain the assistance of a skilled legal professional who will know how to fight to impose liability and demonstrate the full extent of harm suffered. Only then can you rest assured that your claim has been presented as competently as possible and your chances of success have been maximized to the fullest extent given the facts at hand.