A brain injury can lead to massive personality changes

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Your spouse gets into a car accident. They don’t cause it. They’re sitting in a backup at a construction zone when a semitruck slams into the back of their car. They survive, but they have to be airlifted from the site with severe head injuries.

At the hospital, it’s clear that your spouse has a brain injury. Doctors do everything they can, and, miraculously, your spouse begins to heal. After a time, they are able to come home.

Physically, they seem largely the same. They can walk, talk and engage in the hobbies they enjoyed before. They seem like the same person you married.

Mentally and emotionally, it’s a completely different story. They seem like a very different individual. Their personality has changed. Could this be because of the brain injury?

Real changes

It absolutely could. Medical experts note that brain injuries often lead to personality changes that can be jarring for family members. It’s not easy to feel like you may be living with a stranger.

These personality changes have two standard causes. Actual damage to the brain itself may heal to some degree, but it may not heal perfectly. Your spouse’s brain may process information differently or fail to process it at all. This sometimes heals over time. In other cases, it does not.

The second reason is just that living with a brain injury can be hard. You may think your spouse seems fine physically, but are they? Or are they just working hard to disguise the physical or cognitive issues they have to deal with? If so, this stress — and the way that it feels like life changed forever through no fault of their own — can make them act differently.

Specific differences

In these cases, common changes include a spouse who used to be calm and laid back suddenly becoming emotional, angry and easily frustrated. They could have less control over their emotions. Little things that they took in stride before may set them off.

For instance, maybe they have trouble reading and understanding what they read. They used to do it easily. Now, every time they have to process new information, it’s a chore. They constantly feel frustrated and on edge. They have trouble filtering their emotions, so they just lash out at the closest person. That is often you.

This is just one example. Every case is different. But it helps to show you why and how these personality changes occur.

Your rights

As you can see, serious brain injuries can change your life and your family forever. You must know all of the potential rights you have to compensation in Colorado when dealing with this moving forward.