Fatal bicycle accident claims life of Colorado woman

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | wrongful death |

Though riding a bike is an activity that many people enjoy, it is also one that poses many risks. Though scrapes and bruises are relatively common just from falling from a bike, more serious or even fatal injuries could result when a bike accident involves a car. Even when cyclists travel in designated bike lanes, crashes can occur.

It was recently reported that a collision in Colorado led to the death of a 37-year-old woman. According to reports, the woman was riding her bicycle in a designated bike lane when the driver of a car failed to yield to her. As a result, the vehicle, which was traveling approximately 20 mph, hit the woman as the driver was making a right turn.

The woman was taken from the scene to an area hospital, but she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. It was not mentioned whether the incident resulted in any injuries to the driver of the vehicle. The report did state that he received a citation for careless driving resulting in death.

When a fatal bicycle accident occurs, more than just the people directly involved in the accident can be affected. This Colorado woman’s family will undoubtedly feel the repercussions of the incident for a long time, and they may have many struggles to contend with as a result of the crash. If they feel it could suit their circumstances, surviving family members may wish to consider their legal options. Filing a wrongful death claim against the driver considered at fault could be in their interests.