2 victims lose lives in Colorado DUI crash

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | wrongful death |

Losing control of a vehicle can happen more easily than many people believe. When drivers consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel, it increases the chances of losing control. Unfortunately, when DUI accidents take place, lives are often lost, and it is not unusual for innocent people to be the victims.

It was recently reported that a crash in Colorado claimed the lives of two people. A witness to the incident indicated that a driver was swerving on the roadway before she went onto the shoulder of the road and overcorrected. The overcorrection caused the southbound vehicle to swerve into the northbound lanes where it collided head-on with another vehicle. One of the vehicles overturned multiple times.

Two people were ejected from their vehicle during the crash, and those individuals both suffered fatal injuries as a result. The ages of the victims were not given in the report. The woman considered at fault for the incident suffered only minor injuries. She was taken into custody on charges of DUI, vehicular homicide and failure to drive in a designated lane.

The families of the victims may feel at a substantial loss in the wake of this incident. They may never have anticipated that a drunk driver would cause their loved ones’ deaths, but that is now the reality they face. If they feel it could suit their circumstances, they may wish to consider filing wrongful death claims against the driver considered at fault for the incident. This type of claim could allow them to seek justice and compensation for damages permitted under Colorado law.