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Recent Case Results

Many of the following cases were settled after trial for amounts less than the actual verdict listed below. The reasons for settlement after a trial verdict are many, including the length of time a case might be on appeal, the likelihood of losing on appeal, limitations in insurance coverage and sometimes clients’ desire to simply put their traumatic and painful experience behind them.

Nursing home negligence – $250,000

FACTS: Plaintiff was a blind, elderly, wheelchair-bound resident of a nursing home. While on her way back from dialysis, the driver of the wheelchair van failed to properly secure the wheelchair. The driver hit the brakes, causing plaintiff to fly forward and break both arms and her collarbone. The failure to properly secure plaintiff’s wheelchair to the floor of the bus caused her to lose much of her already limited mobility and independence.

RESULT: In the course of litigation, it was revealed that the nursing home failed to take care of plaintiff as it was hired to do. Plaintiff’s family entrusted her to the nursing home and it breached that trust. Prior to trial, defendant settled for $250,000.

Workers’ compensation/personal injury – $525,000

FACTS: Injured worker (claimant) was employed as a semi-truck driver. Claimant was traveling south on Interstate 25 at about 3 a.m. when he ran into the back of a piece of mobile equipment that did not have any rear-facing lights or signals. Claimant suffered facial fractures and a brain injury resulting in his being unable to work for several years. Larson Law Firm, PC, represented him in his workers’ compensation claim and corresponding claim against the defendant trucking company.

RESULT: Claimant received payment for all of his medical bills, two-thirds of his wages for the entire time he was off work and a settlement for workers’ compensation for $175,000, in addition to $25,000 that was placed into a fund to pay for future medical expenses. The claim against the defendant trucking company was settled before trial for $325,000.

Medical negligence/wrongful death – $375,000

FACTS: Plaintiff wrecked on his motorcycle, resulting in a C2 fracture. He was airlifted to Denver and while in flight became unable to breathe. Flight paramedics failed to intubate plaintiff before landing and instead gave him high doses of paralytic, depriving his brain of oxygen for several minutes. Defendant argued that due to the small space within an ambulance helicopter and the timing of plaintiff’s loss of breath, they could not reasonably intubate him because it needed to be done while landing. Due to the failure to clear his airway, plaintiff suffered irreparable brain damage and ultimately died.

RESULT: Due to issues of whether defendant flight nurses were negligent in their failure to intubate plaintiff, this case settled before trial for $375,000.

Workers’ compensation – $250,000

FACTS: Claimant injured her back while working. Claimant was found to have several herniated disks in her back. Claimant treated for several months and ultimately underwent three surgeries, resulting in her being off work for nearly three years.

RESULT: Despite numerous attempts by the workers’ compensation insurance company to cut off treatment and limit benefits, claimant ultimately received two-thirds of her wages for the entire time she was off work, had all of her medical bills paid and settled out her future benefits for $250,000.

The above cases show actual jury verdicts and settlements received by clients of Larson Law Firm, PC. For many years, about 97% of cases handled by Larson Law Firm, PC, have settled prior to trial. Over the years, Larson Law Firm, PC, has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for its clients. The specifics of some of these settlements cannot be divulged because of confidentially agreements that were required by the defendants.

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