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Insurance Law

Working with an insurance company is hardly a walk in the park. Insurance companies operate on a profit, and claims agents are often trained to minimize your payout by offering the lowest amount they are legally allowed to offer. By working with an insurance company alone, you may be receiving a fraction of what you deserve and what is outlined in your policy.

At Larson Law Firm, PC, we have a thorough understanding of insurance law and will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you are entitled to receive. We firmly believe that policyholders should have more power against their insurance providers, and we have over a decade of experience leveling the playing field.

Get The Full Compensation You Deserve

Insurance companies are bound by law to operate faithfully and fairly. Yet insurance claims agents employ a range of methods to undermine your claim:

  • Denied claims: Denying you any compensation for a claim that falls under your policy
  • Delayed claims: Pushing back your payment until you are willing to take a lower offer
  • Underpaid claims: Purposefully paying you less than what you are entitled to receive under your policy

Our Alamosa law firm has the experience to stand up to some of Colorado’s largest insurers and can make sure you are protected in the face of any of these bad faith practices.

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You are never subject to whatever the insurance company decides to throw at you. Insurance consumers enter into a transaction with insurers under the assumption that they will pay out when needed. When an insurer acts unlawfully, you have every right to take immediate legal action.

Our insurance lawyers offer free initial consultations for you to get started on your claim. Call (719) 587-1992 to set up your appointment, or reach out online for more information.