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Livestock Auto Accidents

In the state of Colorado, owners of animals and livestock have a legal responsibility to keep the animals enclosed and off of roadways and other unsafe areas. Far too often, however, owners do not take the necessary steps to keep their animals enclosed. When their animals do stray on to roadways, serious accidents can occur.

Given the size of cattle, horses and other livestock, the injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be devastating – or even life-threatening. Because of this, the state allows victims of livestock auto accidents to seek damages against livestock owners following serious car accidents.

At Larson Law Firm, PC, our personal injury team is experienced in handling this unique type of car accident case. Indeed, our lead attorney has first-hand knowledge of proper livestock care practices. We have also handled many livestock auto accident cases over the years. There are many levels of complexity to being successful in these cases, and they must be handled with experienced representation. Our team is equipped to obtain the most successful outcome possible.

Auto Accidents Involving Livestock, Including Cows, Horses And Sheep

We will thoroughly investigate any steps the owner may or may not have taken to enclose the animal and keep it within a legally fenced area. We determine exactly what went wrong – or if the owner even made an effort to keep the animals enclosed.

Our team helps you get the medical attention you need as the case is unfolding; our primary goal is that you recover as fully as possible as we handle the legal aspects of the case and the interactions with insurance companies.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident involving or caused by a wandering animal or livestock, please contact our Alamosa, Colorado, law offices today at (719) 587-1992 to discuss the accident and how we can be successful in recovering maximum damages against the responsible parties.