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Leg And Knee Injuries

During our decade-plus years of experience in personal injury law, we have seen that leg and knee injuries can present special problems for accident victims. These injuries are not only painful and sometimes hard to treat, but they’re also subject to misdiagnosis or being overlooked entirely during emergency treatment, especially when the accident victim is being treated for more obvious or severe injuries to the head or neck.

Even relatively minor leg and knee injuries can turn out to be severe injuries requiring surgery and extended time away from work. If you have questions about your right to compensation for injuries to the leg or knee following a motorcycle accident, car accident or injury on the job, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at Larson Law Firm, PC. We advise and represent accident victims throughout Colorado.

We Help Clients With Fractures Or Soft Tissue Trauma In The Legs Or Knees

Our firm’s experience has been that people can suffer knee injuries even if they were wearing seat belts. This is especially true in head-on and frontal collisions. Several factors combine to make leg and knee injuries complicated in personal injury litigation:

  • Minor soft tissue trauma has a way of worsening in unpredictable ways when untreated.
  • Recovery from leg and knee injuries is unpredictable.
  • Surgery isn’t always successful the first time around.
  • Emergency room records of trauma to the lower limbs are not always kept when the patient is treated for other injuries.
  • Delayed diagnosis of leg or knee trauma makes it hard to connect the injury to the accident.

Despite these possible barriers to recovery for knee or leg injuries, the attorneys at our firm go to work early to make sure that you’re getting the diagnostic tests and treatment you need so these injuries are not lost in the shuffle. We also monitor your recovery to see whether it’s proceeding satisfactorily or running into complications.

If obstacles come up in getting tests, treatment or insurance coverage – and such obstacles often do – we can help you overcome them while we’re preparing your damages claim for settlement or trial.

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