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Client Testimonials

“I thought I needed a big city lawyer for my workers’ compensation case, so I hired the Strong Arm. After he took the easy money, he told me I was done. I fired him and took my case to the Larson Law Firm, PC. They fought for me and got another $80,000.”

“When we heard that my mom (who is blind) was hurt at Juniper Meadows in Monte Vista because they didn’t tie down her wheelchair to the floor of the van and then slammed on the brakes, we thought it would be more than she could bear. Thank you for getting to know her and convincing the nursing home to pay what was fair.”

“My grandson was hit while crossing the street in a crosswalk. The insurance company refused to pay for even his medical bills. Thank God for Larson Law Firm, PC, who got them to pay what was right and fair.”

“I felt like I was the most important client they had and they always made time for me and my concerns. It was scary going through a fusion surgery on my neck, but they helped me find the courage. Thank you.”

“When I walked into the Larson Law Firm, PC, all I wanted was my bills paid. When my case was over, I found out that I was entitled to so much more. Thanks for fighting for me.”

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